Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We took a marketing trip out to St. George last month, so much warm sunny fun for April! We got to hang out with the Carters, They are getting so big!

This is at the trade show for the Utah Independent Insurance Agents Convention. Isn't Jackson the cutest little Marketer??

At our Condo I came into the family room to find this... they were watching a movie, CUTE!!

Back at home, all of the cousins together; Jacks, Lucy and Ladd.
Whenever Jackson sees Ladd he says "Look, its my little cousin!" Lucy and Ladd love smiling at each other. Ladd is soooo cute, I LOVE being an aunt! (would you believe he`s already rolling over!! Strong little kid!)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Auntie Yan

So I am FINALLY an Aunt!! At this point my 13 year old sister has been an aunt 3 years longer than me, its my turn! Heather had her little darling 3 weeks early, yet he is healthy, happy and hungry! He is truly adorable, and I couldn`t be more excited to have a nephew. Heather is an amazing mom, and I hear that Kevin is super dad. Congrats to them- and me!!!

Baby Ladd is already musically talented!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fa la la la la

So, in case anyone can`t tell... I`m not quite on top of entering pictures and words and not having everything run together. Sorry!! Here is Christmas at the libutti house. It was our first Christmas at home with the kids- Jackson is just old enough to understand what Christmas is this year "Jesus's Birthday!" Thats RIGHT Jackson :o)

Naturally he had no problem understanding the whole Santa clause and presents part. He decorated his own tree the same day I decorated mine! Of course all or his ornaments came from the bottom half of my tree...

At Walmart Jackson very quickly took to Santa. Jumped on his lap and without hesitating said "I love you so much Santa!" When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he didn`t even have to think "A pink dress for my sister Lucy" I cried, how sweet and unselfish!!! I won`t hope for that every year.

I had my reservations about a Christmas Eve visit from Santa (Matt's adorable brother Johnny) because Jackson is very smart- and it is hard to trick him! When "Santa" strolled into the room to surprise him, Jackson looked at him, cocked his head to the side and said "Actually... that is Johnny!" John, you`re a champ!! We got some pretty good pictures of the kids with Santa`s helper. Jackson wanted nothing to do with him- it freaked him out a little I think to see John dressed that way. Lucy loved him, and even smiled for her picture!

Oh, and the dress Lucy is wearing in the very top picture and her picture with Uncle Santa WAS MINE when I was a baby! Crazy, right?

Jackson`s Birthday

Quick photo update from Jackson`s 3rd Birthday. Matt was out of town for a week, but arrived home a few hours before the party. What a fantastic birthday present for Jacks. When Matthew called that morning to wish Jacks happy birthday Jacks said "Ok dad, you go and get some work done, then get on the airplane and fly all the way home to come to my party."

The girls threw him a fun candle light breakfast pancake party (his pancakes were teddy bear shaped) and that evening we celebrated at Grandma Libutti`s. I made his "blue snowman birthday cake" Exactly what he said he wanted. Happy Birthday little man :o)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finishing up the update!

Ok, These are pictures from 2 photo shoots done by one of my best friends Nicole Carman Christianson- Isnt she amazing ! Done when Lu was less than a week old (March 09) then again in the fall of 09. Ok, I`m going to post Christmas Pictures, then I say I`m caught up, sound good? :o)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Visual Catch up

Jacks in the Hawaiian outfit Aunt Jo bought him

Jacks with his Grandpa Crowley

Mommy and Jacks up near Bear lake

Jacks hanging out with Aunt Mariah

This was a week before
we found out we were expecting Lucy girl. We are beneath the falls in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Jacks on his Cell

Family picture

Jackson at the petting zoo

Set this circus down

Can`t wait to finish "catching up" with everything that has gone on the last few years so I can start blogging the present :o)

All during our time in Colorado Matt and I did a lot of house shopping online, and my grandpa Crowley (who is a fantastic realtor) was searching here. We put 5 houses under contract during the summer- it was an emotional roller coaster. Every time we had a house under contract I would begin to bond with it! You know, see my kids running down the stairs on Christmas morning, bringing our new baby through the front door, etc.

When Matthew first stepped into our home, he knew it was the one. I was grateful to finally have a house to bond with, and I have! Moving home from Colorado was hard- everything we owned was in storage!! It was a huge process going through everything and getting it into our home, but we did it and its DONE!

Now we are just in the process of putting down roots. Our neighborhood and ward is packed with children! We feel that we are sourrounded with people in our exact phase of life, and we love it. I was just called into the Primary Presidency, and get this... There are over 60 children in NURSERY alone! Junior and Senior Primary have over 150 kids. Amazing- I can`t wait to see how they make it work ":0)

So now we`re here in Lehi, and I have the internet!!! Hurray! Now I just need a few months to remember how to blog... Sorry if my blog is nerdy!