Sunday, November 1, 2009

Set this circus down

Can`t wait to finish "catching up" with everything that has gone on the last few years so I can start blogging the present :o)

All during our time in Colorado Matt and I did a lot of house shopping online, and my grandpa Crowley (who is a fantastic realtor) was searching here. We put 5 houses under contract during the summer- it was an emotional roller coaster. Every time we had a house under contract I would begin to bond with it! You know, see my kids running down the stairs on Christmas morning, bringing our new baby through the front door, etc.

When Matthew first stepped into our home, he knew it was the one. I was grateful to finally have a house to bond with, and I have! Moving home from Colorado was hard- everything we owned was in storage!! It was a huge process going through everything and getting it into our home, but we did it and its DONE!

Now we are just in the process of putting down roots. Our neighborhood and ward is packed with children! We feel that we are sourrounded with people in our exact phase of life, and we love it. I was just called into the Primary Presidency, and get this... There are over 60 children in NURSERY alone! Junior and Senior Primary have over 150 kids. Amazing- I can`t wait to see how they make it work ":0)

So now we`re here in Lehi, and I have the internet!!! Hurray! Now I just need a few months to remember how to blog... Sorry if my blog is nerdy!

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  1. Your blog is not are so funny! I can't believe you have 60 kids in nursery! I thought 22 was alot. Holy Cow. That is really fun, though. It's great to be in a ward with lots of young couples and kids. I'm so happy for you!